Mexicans, Si! Racism, No?


Liberal bias again reaches ignorant levels when media call Mexicans a “race” of people. They are a nation, not a race. Would you say that to demean Canadians is racist? Hardly.

Trump called the judge on the Trump U case a “Mexican.” More correctly, he is a Mexican-American, if you like those hyphenated American labels.

Mexican is a nationality not a race. Trump questioned the judge’s impartiality based on his national allegiance, not his skin color.

This judge is a member in a Mexican heritage lawyer/law only group, Laraza.

It is Trump’s position that he feels, based on his pronounced “building a wall” between Mexico and the US, this judge cannot be fair. The judge’s group membership and its pronounced goals, put the judge’s national allegiance is into question.

The federal recusal statute, 28 USC s/s 455(a) states that if a federal judge’s impartiality MAY reasonably be questioned, that judge MUST recuse himself. Those that are making the racist LEAP of unknowing stupidity, that Trump’s questioning the judge’s impartial allegiance because of his ruling political group membership and the case specific rulings is an attack on Hispanics are the racists themselves.

Mexicans are not all Hispanics or of Spanish decent. There are white Mexicans, black Mexicans, Mexican Jews, Indian Mexicans. Selma Hayek is half Lebanese and Mexican. “Hispanic” does not exclusively mean Mexican as many other nationalities can be Hispanics, like the US, Cuba, El Salvador, Peru, etc.

Trump’s accusers have racism on the brain.

A defendant’s (Trump’s) serious questions about a federal judge’s national allegiance, his impartiality, which could be the reason for his otherwise unfounded rulings, which when raised requires the judge to recuse himself, are not racist at all.

“Mexican” is a nationality. Therefore, any leap made from Mexican to include all Hispanics exists only in the racist divisive minds of the perpetrators of this slop.