Talib Shooting Deflates No Balls

DATELINE:  Peaceful Shooter


When he was with the Patriots, there were fears he was a loaded gun ready to go off. He never played with a full round in the chamber for the Kraft team.

Aqib Talib remained muzzled in New England, but playing in the Mile High City has liberated him. It must be the thin air that led him to play Russian Roulette with his career. You’d almost think he played basketball with his frequent gunplay.talib

While at a Dallas club, searching for the perfect eclair after his recent marriage, Talib became involved in some fisticuffs, which always leads to shooting oneself in the foot.

Talib is well-known for his dirty play, and stupid penalties. It then comes as no surprise that he might carry a weapon in the Plaxico tradition, or worse in the Tarrent tradition.

Both those men found that gunplay is never like in the movies.

Talib may have just been married, but that doesn’t make him a homebody, just another homeboy out on Sunday morning to sow those wild oaters.

Aqib may be armed and dangerous even when he has no gun in his pocket. Three others were also shot during the fracas, but don’t expect the NFL to give him a four-game suspension.

No footballs were deflated by the stray bullets. So, unlike Tom Brady, Talib may only be fined for an equipment failure. The Broncos are now claiming the shooting was an accident waiting to happen.