In Defense of Trump University

DATELINE:  State of Lower Education

Dumb America

As any professor of an American college or university can tell you, the attempts to lure students to Trump University by fudging facts or obscuring credentials is commonplace.

If you are going to dun Trump University for its recruiting of students, you are on a slippery slope.

Nearly every private college in the United States is fighting for students to sign up for their programs. If that means putting on a happy face to cover up unhappy faculty, then so be it.

Most colleges have secrets they hide when they take prospective students on a campus tour. Why would Trump University be any different? If Hillary Clinton is going to call Trump U a fraud, she had better be ready to label many more higher-learning places as something less than educationally honest.

The shrill Attorney General of New York is going after Trump’s school, but leaves unaddressed other institutions that have promised good jobs, a productive learning environment, and more, to unsuspecting students who have taken out large loans to pay for their education.

Colleges in America are now sausage factories and not places of liberal education. Heaven forfend: they hate that label. We are now in a revolution to make college a fancy vocational experience. You better have a high paying job and hands-on courses to make a fortune with that degree.

The truth is somewhat less glamorous, and Trump U merely falls into the mix of what has happened to the coveted degree that people believe makes them ready for big bucks.

The idea of learning and becoming well-rounded, a better person, died several generations ago on college campuses.