More Friendly Briefs for Tom Brady

DATELINE: Teamster Player


The latest small group of special interests to support Tom Brady against the monolithic NFL happens to be one of the most important unions in the United States.

Yes, indeed, the AFL-CIO has come out to disparage the management style of Roger Goodell, which generally puts him into the style of the 19th century Molly Maguires.

Some football fans in other regions may be surprised that the teamsters are big on Brady. However, everyone knows what a team player Tom is, and this support is only a surprise in that the foremost union in the country is urging the Circuit Court to hear the problem.

Add this to the growing list of indignant fans who see the NFL style as a national problem. Roger Goodell’s long national nightmare is not quite over. The Commissioner is on record as saying he is not paying much attention to Deflategate nowadays.

Goodell may find a ton of bricks falling on his head and wonder why. The imbecilic commissioner may be the last to know what’s going on in his game.

The national support for Brady’s position may also start to erode this viewpoint that his support is limited to the New England states, a group of crackpots.

Goodell’s bosses, the Bllionaire Boys Club, are known for their unfair labor practices—and they may be laughing at the fans like David Ortiz of the Red Sox who claims he will not watch games without Tom Brady playing.