Tom Brady’s Friends of the Court Deflate Goodell

DATELINE:  Amicus Panties in a Twist

Tom's Briefs

Amicus briefs are filling out the dirty laundry in jurisprudence.

The more obtuse football fans think Amicus briefs are what the Amish wear under their clothes.

You may think that Amicus Briefs are the latest in Italian sports cars, but you have deflated your own spare tires.

You could believe that Amicus Briefs are the latest fashion on Survivor Island, but reality shows much more.

“Amicus briefs” come from friends of the court. When it comes to the lawsuit of Tom Brady and his Deflategate appeal, however sexy Gronk sees it, the NFL seems to have no friends going to court on their behalf.

Tom Brady’s Supreme Court lawyers, known in legal circles as the Magnificent Seven, are gathering to embarrass Roger Goodell.

First, a gaggle (or is that bunch) of science professors from the best universities in the nation wrote a scathing attack on the NFL for ignoring science in terms of deflated footballs and their cause.

The nerdy professors have done their homework, but why would the NFL pay attention to hot air when they ignore brain concussions? To protect the integrity of the game, Goodell’s Goons sank their influence into the medical study for water on the brain.

Second, the New England Patriots have offered their amicus to Brady by sending the Circuit Court another pair of briefs that puts Goodell’s knickers in a twist.

Fellow owners may be grinding their teeth over the billionaire Patriots owner who is crying ‘foul.’  If there is a foul ball in football, you know the United States government may have to raise the RICO statutes.