Sayonara to Person of Interest

DATELINE:  Another Favorite Bites the Dust

 Interesting Persons

After keeping loyal viewers at bay for over a year, the jackals at CBS finally have released their prisoner, Person of Interest. One of the best shows on TV is now being burned alive on the airwaves (two episodes per week, and lately 3 new shows from the final season, two on one night).


Intelligent, brooding, ironic, the series has toyed with the notion that a giant conspiracy of AI controls the United States and an intrepid band of vigilantes fights back.


Now the gang faces the ultimate demographic statistic: TV history.


The short 13-episode season has been moving at glacial speed, but suddenly with five to go, it made an abrupt jump this week. It seems the Machine, our favorite anti-hero/heroine has come to grips with mortality.


In the latest episode, nearly every character has told off Harold, the Machine’s creator. Lionel, the cop, let him have it between his four eyes. And, the Mob leader lowered the 12 o’clock high boom on him by telling him he was the darkest of all of them.


Only CIA killing machine John Reese has stayed the course, but we wonder who will be left standing in a show that delighted in flashbacks to return the dead to importance every season.


We likely will not see Reese’s female counterpart Zoe in this short run. But, Shaw probably will reunite with her matchmate Root to ride off into the sunset.


We also miss Miss Control, the CIA head, who was carted off to oblivion last season.


The fates of so many fascinating characters will be forever unknown because CBS is greedy. They did not own Person of Interest and did not take enough money from it. They continue to give us cheap and cheesy reality shows, and grow rich from never underestimating the intelligence of its viewers.


In this show, they sank the boat they missed.