NBA Draft Lottery Pickings

DATELINE: Picking Your Know What

Butler Photobomb

With the Great Ping Pong Irrationality, the NBA doled out its version of the Olympic medals this week.

We watched to see how far the Celtics could fall in this lottery.

The grand finale had them take home the Bronze medal while in the background Jimmy Butler looked on envious. He was there to prove he was not on the Chicago trading block, and Isaiah Thomas was there to prove he was the team leader.

Butler may soon be playing with the Celtics via a trade and was the little birdie over the shoulder of Isaiah in true photobomb mode.

Neither man won much, though Thomas had a chance to shake the hand of the 76ers—the other Revolutionary War rival to Boston.

If photos don’t lie, you could say Thomas was trying to swallow his smile. Bronze is not as valuable as copper—and nothing comes close to Monatomic Gold, now highly prized as the Number One pick.

It could be that the Celtics will trade their third choice, but experts say after that the first two picks are made, the horserace is for horsemeat.

We never much trust these lotteries. Your top pick could drop dead of a drug overdose. You could pick someone who comes up lame. You never know how long it will take for some skinny kid to bulk up and remain youthful.

No, don’t put too much stock in these draft picks. Trade them for a known commodity. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush league.