Attack of the Wikipedia Police

DATELINE: TMI (Too Much Info)

You can hear them baying and howling. They want to rip to pieces anyone who dares to engage in “self-promotion.”

Lest we pretend innocence, let’s say we have added a reference to one of our books on a list for “further reading.” It does not matter that we may have known the subject—or are a publisher of books on the topic.

It is shameless self-promotion to tell people to make up their own minds and other materials are available, done by someone with expertise.

Those yapping over this infraction of the law include several who seem to have never written much, but are loudly around the “talk” page. It seems their mission in life is to deny any information to be disseminated unless it is by an editor who may believe the information has any value whatsoever.

Never mind that people buy and read the books listed on Wikipedia.

In all likelihood these do-gooders and activists will be moved to delete any book they deem unworthy of Wikipedia mention. How this differs from book burners is a matter of a match or two.

So, we wait for the handcuffs to be locked in place and a ban from all use of Wikipedia to be determined without any consent of the governed.

Though many academic friends disparage Wikipedia, we think it deserves the same treatment as any tabloid. It is there for the taking by anyone who cares to read.