Battle of the Hateful Hatful of Hatfields

DATELINE: Meeting the Enemy Within



Not since the McCoys battled the Hatfields have we seen such a feud of related people. Somewhere in the past, the ghosts of the United States Civil War are moaning and groaning.

Yes, it’s not over till it’s over.

We have two sides of hate spewing forth with indelible nation-wrecking at its core. We can head for the hills because we think the cities are now shooting galleries with opioid apologists letting the drug-dealers and illegal immigrants free reign.

The liberals and the conservatives have nothing on the Yankees and the Rebs—except a half-million dead Americans.

The 19th century war between the States was about as insane as it can become, but those who’d rent the Republic to shreds will start will renting the Republican Party into splinters.

Americans have never been more intolerant of each other since the days of hanging the local black population took on a hobby-like social club. That’s back when social media twittered around in white robes with burning crosses. Now you burn hate with incendiary tweets.

From fascist evangelicals to left-leaning socialists, the Great Divide of the country has grown more pronounced between Trump and Hilary. You have only to recall the Lincoln-Douglas debates as a warmup to the great war between the states.

If you want liberty or death, you now have hate-mongers on both sides who will gladly provide it. You can expect equal dollops of despicable intolerance from all sides nowadays. We are the Pod People.