Fake Republicans Hide Their Light Under a Bushel

DATELINE: Pod People, not Republicans

To hell with voters. There are a group of self-aggrandizing politicians who think being a Republican is an inherited honor.

Finally, the world sees these alleged “Republicans” who for years wanted everyone’s support, but now have taken it upon themselves to distance themselves from Donald Trump. They asked all who disagreed with them in the party to rally around them. Now they rally around an elite ivory tower.

It takes a bushel of Bushes to find the long-time hypocrites of the GOP.

These are not real Republicans. We are now seeing the true character of Jeb Bush, Lindsay Graham, Mitt Romney, George Bushes, and the rest. That includes House Speaker Paul Ryan, another fake leader, having usurped the category called ‘Republican’. Of course, he suddenly reversed himself under withering criticism.

They used the Republican Party when it suited them. Now, they talk of supporting a third party over their long-standing GOP. They were users. They, not Mr. Trump, are the fake conservatives and ersatz Republicans.

How dare they call themselves Republicans? They prefer the election of Hilary Clinton to Donald Trump. Can we wrap our party affiliation around that?

Back in 1964, a bunch of moderate to liberal Republicans (back when that concept existed) abandoned conservative Barry Goldwater as unfit to be president.

Among those were Nelson Rockefeller and George Romney. It appears the acorn nut has not fallen far from the tree.

Now we have a bunch of self-serving phony-baloney types calling Trump unfit.

Shall we remove the designation “R” from the voter rolls of these iconic fakes? As Trump has said of them, at least a few are beyond rehabilitation.

Let them eat cake at the table of Hilary.

Let them drink from the chalice of Judas.

Let them vote only for themselves in their narcissistic, narrow, and numbskull world.