If Goodell Only Had a Brain…

DATELINE: Deflategate Lingers


If there is a semblance of a brain left in the witless Roger Goodell, he will immediately move to remove Deflategate from the upcoming season’s vocabulary.

We are not optimistic that Goodell will receive a brain from the Wizard of Oz any time soon.

Today, upon the heels of the latest Circuit Court’s circumlocutions and illogic, Donald Trump told a rabid crowd that the NFL should “leave Tom Brady alone.”

When Trump was a mere pretender to the presidency, he could be ignored. But, now, Tom Brady has a friend in high places. Look out, you purveyors of NFL ownership. The Anti-Trust element is around the corner—and not since Teddy Roosevelt has there been a president who might whip the NFL to an inch of its billionaire economic arrogance.

Goodell is no longer between a rock and hard place. He is now facing a deluge that could mean the quality of mercy falleth like a torrent from heaven.

We might bet all the gold in Fort Knox that Brady and Goodell come to an agreement soon, but there is probably no gold in Fort Knox—if Trump is right.

Will Goodell suspend the sentence, or will he issue more question marks?

Parsing the NFL is sort of like listening for radio waves from outer space. The great visitors from the Milky Way will land before we can translate the murky logic of Goodell or the bonehead fans of the NFL.

Fans of other teams are rejoicing, but remember this: when Goodell comes for a member of your team, we shall be silent.