Crying Over Spoiled Milk



We had the unfortunate experience of reading one of the wordpress blogs that suddenly announced a “SPOILER ALERT” in mid blog, and went on the spill the beans about a movie plot. We left our complaint, but readers were angry about our comment–not the spoiled movie detail.

We then learned from astute comments that movies that are out for one month—and you have not yet seen—are ready to have their endings and key info divulged.

We had not seen the statute of limitations on the film canister.

We did not know that movies have a shelf life of one month.

We did not know so many insensitive and thoughtless people exist in the word. Oh, dear, we are being sarcastic for sure.

Yes, we were accused of sarcasm—which is our stock in trade in this blog.

Imagine that! It takes a comment on another blog that irked us for someone to recognize our talents.

We never reveal key points that may ruin a movie in our endless reviews and collections of reviews. Oh, there may have been some inadvertent moment in considering a 1936 Hitchcock film that we slipped up.

We were taught long ago, during silent movie era, that you just don’t wreck a writer’s well built suspense with an offhand and needless comment. A blogster or his nitwit reader can avoid the revelation and still make a point.

So, dear readers, stop spoiling for a fight, or we will give you one.