A Day in Fairyland with Drake, Odell, & Gronk

DATELINE: Move Over, Hot Pants

When Edna St. Vincent Millay visited author Somerset Maugham at his South of France estate, she was flabbergasted, and reportedly told Maugham, “You have created Fairyland.”

Move over, Maugham. Odell Beckham, Jr., is not about to be outdone, undone, or overdone. Odell is living with a rap star named Drake. When another NFL icon, Stevan Ridley started designing fashion, they had a meeting of the mindless. Ridley’s nom de fashionista is Kid-Rid.

If Gronk looks like a giant Hobbit, then Danny Amendola is the Puck of paradise. Odell Beckham, Jr., belongs in Shangri-La-la.

The estate actually belongs to rapper Drake, and his new roommate Odell.

Gronk, Danny Amendola, and Junior, donned one-piece jump suits that haven’t been seen since the days of wine and roses. Stevan Ridley is already planning a career for his post-NFL days.

To top off the zipper fashion statement, they posed for animal crackers.

We almost could hear Gronk humming “Some Enchanted Evening,” while he posed sleeveless next to the lavender hued Odell.

Fairyland is not a Disney park, but seems to be an off-season land where magical boys transform from lions of the gridiron to pussy-cats of the Wonderland.

If the smiles become any bigger, we suspect the Cheshire Cat will disappear.

Fairyland is exclusive, and not just anybody can gain entrance. You will note that Julian Edelman was left out of the photo-shoot and model audition.