Concussed and Cussed Out by the NFL

DATELINE: Inside the NFL


Concussion is our kind of movie. If you want to see the NFL receive its comeuppance—or if you want to understand why they are persecuting Tom Brady, see this movie.

This muckraker movie is about Dr. Bennet Omalu—an earnest and dedicated doctor who never played football and his one-man quest to tip the windmill of the NFL.

If you hate the NFL, this film will be your cup of tea laced with hemlock.

Actually, the doctor who discovered the Steelers’ players were suffering from a syndrome of lifetime concussions was a pathologist working for the great Dr. Cyril Wecht, the man who tried to blow the lid off the Kennedy Assassination coverup. There is no reference to his past—though Albert Brooks plays him with fervor and his office is filled with Kennedy pictures.

Only those who know will know.

We also took from this film that Will Smith wuz robbed of an Oscar, or at least of an Oscar nomination. His performance as a Nigerian doctor with an arm’s length of degrees is a delight.

Dr. Omalu is the sort of immigrant you want to invite into the country. He actually believes in the American Dream, even if it takes down Roger Goodell and the NFL.

If you want to see some of the twisted logic behind the Brady persecution, you can see it here. This is a sports league that is utterly paranoid and completely deluded.

An all-star cast brings this movie to life. We expected to see NFL bag men, hit men, underbosses, and other mobsters—but you can only go so far –without the guys who own one day of the week starting to play rough and fit you for cement overshoes.

Come to think of it: wasn’t Jimmy Hoffa allegedly buried under a goal post?