NFL as Racketeers

DATELINE: Crooks in the Draft


The NFL, and Roger Goodell in particular, has now been accused of violating the RICO laws.

Angry fans are turning on the vaunted NFL where they want to stand above the law, the rights of the individual, and above tsars, caesars, and Kaisers. Yes, Roger Goodell is in a class by himself.

Empires rise and fall with tyrants, and a suit filed in Boston now has put Roger Goodell in the austere company of Caligula, Ivan the Terrible, and Al Capone.

Charging that they have lost sleep, fans are incensed. Imagine how angry they’d be if they lost draft picks or a million bucks—or even were suspended for four games, not allowed to watch NFL football for a month on Sundays.

Being imperious and smug, the NFL does not deign to address angry fans. Let them eat cake and hot dogs.

Goodell is being hanged on a petard once made law by his Deflategate predecessor, Richard Nixon who gave you Watergate.

Racketter Influenced and Corrupt Organizations include the Mafia. So, the NFL is in the company of a pack of wolves. If Roger Goodell’s salary of $40million per year is deemed racketeering, he must forfeit the money. Since he did little to earn it, that seems fair.

Has the NFL created a shell corporation that has absconded with the Patriots draft picks and their money? We would fill a stadium with hooting fans if the U.S. Attorney seized the NFL assets.

Rather than face RICO charges, many crooks plead guilty to something less severe—like tax evasion.

We can only hope that the lawsuit finds merit among the courts.