Easter Bunny Takes a Shot to the Head, Thanks to Tom Brady!


Keeping in the Easter spirit, Tom Brady invited the Easter Bunny to his home again. Last year ended up being a rather pleasant experience for the big white rabbit, and he gladiy returned to the house of seven gables Tom built in Brookline, Mass.

CBS Sports has the ugly rabbit’s footage.

After this year’s visit, under a seemingly bad star, we doubt that Mr. Bunny shall want again to darken the door of Brady’s mansion. EMTs provided an icebag and sympathy to the unfortunate rabbit.

When you go one on one with Tom, you end up the turkey, no matter what holiday it seems.

If Brady continues to knock off holiday icons, he will be the last icon standing in the Fountain of Youth.

Santa Claus came during the season to enjoy cookies with Tom, but with delightful spring weather in Tom’s neck of the woods, it’s a time that he grabs those extra footballs and goes out into the yard to play a little catch.

Alas, bunnies have paws and not great hands.

The big white rabbit, whose nickname is Harvey, went deep for one of those patented Brady passes.

Peripheral vision may be clouded by too much egg nog for the rabbit, and the deflated ball went squarely between Mr. Bunny’s eyes, knocking him senseless.

It almost looked like an outtake from the movie Concussion.

Roger Goodell is investigating and may charge Brady with wanton disregard for the safety of fans—and hurting the image of a game that should be safe for bunnies.

Harvey Rabbit look stunned in the replay. A few insiders are insisting that the Easter Bunny was a fraud, actually played by Julian Edelman in an ecumenical spirit.