Hillary Clinton’s Running Mate?

DATELINE:  Hot Tickets


Our dear friend and Home Health Aide is not an American citizen, but rather has been granted asylum and is legally living in the United States.

He has a strong belief in the American Dream—and, like many, wants America to be strong and to succeed. He follows politics in the U.S. with the keen eye of someone who loves the country.

He cannot vote until he achieves citizenship, but he takes a great interest in learning from debates and primaries. He disagrees with our choice to make America great again. He thinks Mr. Trump is “too fresh” to be POTUS, and we don’t think he is referring to vegetables in the fridge.

His choice is Hillary Clinton, which makes us smile in disagreement.

Today he came up with an idea he wishes he could tell Hillary about. He thinks she needs an equally “fresh” running mate to counter Donald Trump.

To that end, he has suggested something surprising and without historical precedent. Garry Matador, lately of the United States, but a homegrown product of Haiti, wants Secretary Clinton to choose Joe Biden to be her vice president.

In some ways, it makes sense and is downright brilliant. We have heard Hillary bark (indeed Trump is using it in his latest commercials). She needs a hound of the Baskervilles. There is no one more qualified than Joe Biden to be vice president. He has learned on the job during two administrations.

Fresh ideas often come from people new the country—and we promised him to pass this along to others who may find it equally compelling.

What a hot ticket my friend is.