Red Sox Marital Separation & Extra-Marital Flings

DATELINE: An Affair to Remember?


As you likely know, what goes on between a manager and his fourth estate interviewer is privileged information. Reporters take an oath of sanctity, and managers are always close-mouthed.

Dudley Do-Right, aka John Farrell, manager of the Red Sox has now officially refused to answer the question that he and a female reporter for the Sox network have had a long-standing affair.

Jessica Moran, sometime redheaded sports reporter and beat cover for the game on CSCNN, resigned her job on the day that it was announced that Farrell was divorcing his wife of 30 years.

Mrs. Farrell did not stand by him during his cancer treatments last season. Jessica Moran covered it every day.

Moran has always shown a flair for insider knowledge, like the last female who married her former Red Sox boyfriend on Valentine’s Day last month.

Jenny Dell was run out of her job in Boston for openly living with third baseman Will Middlebrooks a few years back when both worked for the Sox.

History seems to repeat itself with another media spotlight team.

The Sox replaced Jenny Dell with a known gay man, presuming that would end their media-player affairs. The shot over the bow did little to impress Ms. Moran.

Whether nuptials will precede playoffs is anyone’s guess. The first Mrs. Farrell has to be formally divorced before the next one steps down the matrimonial altar.

We love romance, especially illicit romance between parties that live by a non-fraternization rule. That’s one thing you can say for gay affairs with celebrity athletes. They never talk about it.

We always lived by the old adage: there’s nothing worse than to be caught with a dead girl in your bed—or a live boy.