Gronk Drops His Veils at Male Stripping

DATELINE:  It’s Raining Men!


One of “The Dancing Men” may have confounded Sherlock Holmes in his famous case, but Sherlock never met Gronk. Did Channing Tatum miss his cue when he failed to sign Gronk for a role in Magic Mike??

Gronk always likes to whisper his innermost secrets on a national stage. It took an appearance on Conehead O’Brien’s seldom watched late-night show for Gronk to spill the beans about his adventure in semaphore as a dancing man.

A fan dance is done with fans. A male stripper probably uses semaphore to flag down any secrets. If Gronk’s life as Gypsy is put to music, “Let Me Entertain You,” might serve as his anthem.

In college Gronk went along to a job as security guard to a male stripper where 30 women had gathered for a night of turning the tables on disrobing.

It did not take long for the circle to find its jerk. They plied Gronk with drink and song, and he stood among them, stripping off his security guard uniform, giving lap dances, and doing what came naturally.

The upshot was that Gronk made only $25 at this endeavor. He must have been doing something wrong.

Maybe it was not his crowd—being mostly matrons. There are some circles where transgendered fans might shower him in gold.

Without much embarrassment, Gronk expressed with his usual aplomb that he probably deserved more money than he received. Of course, if true to form, Gronk still has that $25 salted away for a day when it rains men.