Oak Island Curses Viewers!

 DATELINE: Brothers Lagina Cursed

We stuck with The Curse of Oak Island for one more season.

It appears our faithful allegiance has not paid off—again. Maybe it’s just inadequate technology that fails us.

The ugliest truth we have discovered is that Rick Lagina, leader of the search and object of a fan club on Facebook, is an obtuse twit and former mailman who will stop at nothing to sate his delusional searching. His brother Marty is more down to earth, but even more secretive, though rumors circulate he is worth a couple of million bucks.

Treasure Hunter obsession has gripped many a man over 200 years at Oak Island, and we are not surprised to find someone willing to spend millions of dollars of other people’s money to continue his pointless search.

We do object to spending any more of our time.

This season noted diver John Chatterton, who has hosted many search shows of his own, went into the notorious 10x hole that other divers refused to attempt.

He returned with sour news: it was a natural hole with a naturally formed tunnel, a big rock, a metal pipe, a depression shadow that looked like a dead body—and absolutely no treasure.

That momentarily took the wind out of Rick Lagina’s sails. He looked like a man ready to punch Chatterton in the nose for his arrogance. He gave the intrepid diver a limp handshake and thanks for nothing.

As for us viewers, we were tossed a couple of hooks on which to bite: a tiny gold cross allegedly found at the Money Pit, but with no proof. And the walls of another hole, 170 feet down, seemed to be lined with a shiny gold.

Will that bring back disenchanted viewers next time?  Promise of something important!

We have revised our opinion of this show and the work done by the Lagina brothers. We hope they do find something of great significance.