Ellen DeGeneris Meets Her Match in Dirk Nowitzki

DATELINE: Peas in a Pod

One of those lookalike moments may be about to hit daytime TV. Let us be the first to demand it. We always enjoy the pleasant humor of Ellen–and now she can be pleasant with her Doppleganger.

Dallas Mav basketball star Dirk Nowitzki’s teammates have pointed out that a new haircut makes him look like talk show superstar Ellen DeGeneris.

Actually, Dirk has looked like a long-lost Bobsey Twin of Ellen for quite a few years.

We have always thought Ellen made a passably handsome young man. And, now we think Dirk may be on the cusp of true greatness. He may be conjoined with the daytime talk show hostess. They now look like they were separated at birth.

We do know that Dirk, in true Teutonic fashion, stands tall at 7’, and that he may dwarf his counterpart in locks.

Both are known as affable souls with generous hearts. In Ellen’s case it is a DeGeneris heart.

The controversy created by Dirk’s teammates who have ribbed him once too often, now may require an appearance on the Ellen show to quell all questions about their similarities.

We figure that Ellen knows a good joke when she hears one—and even if she can’t match Dirk at a game of horse, she may want to try to roll a few hoops with him.