Denver Broncos Caught up in Trashy Demeanor

DATELINE:  Denver Bronco Wordsmiths

That so-called weekly bulletin board material is actually a run off of inane and dumbbell comments made by the team who plans to play you on the field during the current week.

In the playoffs, with so few teams left in the mix, any bonehead tweets or posts online, or offhand comments made to a reporter, will be heightened and magnified.

So, it is with surprise that we note how the Denver Broncos have been conducting themselves. Various players have insisted that Tom Brady is a “crybaby” or worse in the world of sports, “a whiner.”

We note that no one in Denver is calling him a sore loser or a bad player.

We also note that Deflategate has bitten the snow flakes in the Mile High City where air pressure is apt to be on the light side, like the thought process of Bronco players.

Denver’s cheapshot, team attacks also have centered on Gronk. We suspect that these insulting and demeaning words are seldom heard out in the wild west without a smile, partner.

To New England’s credit, and Coach Belichick’s doghouse, no Patriot would dare to respond in kind. Kind words and bouquets emanate from the Patriot players.

There is a kind of noisy bravura afoot when players are allowed the luxury of hiding behind the Commissioner’s petticoats, or is that under them? There is nothing apparently detrimental to the game to attack, to malign, or to lower its integrity, in these ravings. At least, that’s the feeling among those Broncos and Goodell’s minions.

The Patriots will try to speak on the field with actions that are a cacophony compared to the Twitterings and froth-mouth words from alleged football players.

Usually the culprits are second-rate players putting pressure on their starting linesmen. So it is again.