Sic Semper Doloris NFL

DATELINE: Cruel Fate’s Knee

If there is a headline for this season, it is “Marred by Injury.”

Even if your team wins, there is nothing more disheartening and debilitating than learning favorite, hard-working players have sustained painful and cruel injury. Often, it is season-ending.

Oh, the tough coaches and players claim it is all part of the game and that it happens to every team. Well, yes, that is true enough.

Yet, it seems unnecessary and superfluous to bonhomie and a good feeling for playing games.

The world of NFL is a fantasy sport more and more reliant on individuals, not teams. To wit, you have fantasy leagues where fans draft their own players, quite apart from team performance in the real world.

That is part of the money-making aspect of the game, which is at the root cause of the problem. Players are trying to become rich from a few games during a few seasons of a short career.

Owners have already become the new elite, billionaires that do not need to win the lottery if they win the sports lottery and draft the right players.  And of course, to make everyone rich, players must attack the game and each other with ferocity right out of the gladiatorial fatalities of the Roman empire.

Players mean to hurt each other and eliminate their colleagues from the sport, let alone from the field of play. Our arena is national TV and replay of bad referee calls.

We have made greed the dark secret of games. We have made gluttons heroes. We have made desperate players more dangerous. We have made statistical pride into a player’s biometric resolve.

We have canonized the Seven Deadly Sins into the rules of the NFL.

Sic transit Gloria mundi.