Chiefs Tick off Clock, Can’t Beat It


Andy Reid epitomizes a bad rap. He mismanages big games.  If you want to beat time, you have to know when to wave the terrible towel.

And, this season Reid did nothing to turn back the hands of time. It was wasted seconds, time outs, and lost time in another big game. If you need an excuse for what happened to Reid, you could blame it on alien abduction. Lost time is their specialty.

As it was, Belichick duped everyone who thought his team was decimated. He probably ticked off his enemies once again.

Gronk has added a few new dance moves to his repertoire before spiking the ball, and Brady is jumping up from doomsday hits like bullets bouncing off the chest of Superman.

If the Patriots wanted to show how ticked off they have become at the disrespect shown them by media in December, the clock struck midnight on any media mouse going up the clock.

Time and tide wait for no man, and Andy Reid was putting stitches in time to make nine points. He ran out the clock and ran out of time.

Whether time is a thief or a dysfunctional part of game management, only the next game will prove for certain. Tom Brady has turned back the clock, and Peyton Manning seems to be running on borrowed time.

Whatever next comes, the time for commiseration in Kansas has arrived. They are not Boston and cannot have too many champions all at the same time.

Kansas was not beaten by the Patriots per se. They failed to beat the clock, and the sands of the hourglass always run out on anyone who cannot think fast.

The Patriots clearly are in an alternate universe and seeping over into the post-haste world of Roger Goodell. Tom Brady is no white rabbit running late.