Bad Weather Predicted for Brady

DATELINE:  Mostly Rain on the Parade

Geronimo, or one of those Chiefs

The countdown to Saturday afternoon grows tense with predictions of a snow mix before the game. Instead, there was a deluge.  As Brady often says, “Apres moi, le deluge.”

Somewhere deep in his snow belt, Bill Belichick may be delighted since he never pays attention to weather. He need not again because his quarterback may be the best bad weather QB in the history of the Patriots.

Tom is no snow bunny. He loves to frolic in the red zone during heavy precipitation at Gillette.

We love whatever Mother Nature can rain down upon Foxboro—from freezing drizzle to downy flakes. Make the snow pack bright.

In all of Patriot Nation, the favorite playoff song is “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, and Let It Snow.” Dean Martin does a mean version, but we prefer to hear Tom hum a few bars as the region prepares for a few inches of something wet.

After the bizarre situation to start the week, bad weather may be a godsend. With Bill Belichick sporting a black eye, Gronk missing from practice, and Chandler Jones carted off to the hospital in a “confused” state, we can only speculate that there was one big celebration after the games on Sunday.

We can’t imagine what the Patriots felt happy about—or angry about. No one is talking about the situation, but theories range from a blockbuster party at Gronk’s to a FanDuel bet gone wrong.

With Agatha Christie out of the loop, we may never learn the truth—but it is out there. We hear there are X & O Files to prove it.