Insouciant, Irreverent, Iconoclastic Hoodie to Prevail


DATELINE: Ironical

Why is this man laughing?


Bill Belichick canceled practice before Wildcard Weekend.

Whether he is supremely confident of his opponent in next week’s game (those dangerous Chiefs), or whether he is so cavalier because loss is written on the injury list, only the game will prove.

Instead of practicing for the next round, the Great Hoodie in all his infinite wisdom chose to shock his players by taking them across the street from the field to Patriot Place.

There, at the Kraft family $$ emporium shopping center, the team closed down the bowling alley and took over a new sport.

Yes, the Pats went bowling to prepare for the next match. It may be the most inspired strategy of all. Belichick knows his wounded players are hobbling physically and mentally. So, he showed them he is not worried when he donned an Alfred E. Neumann mask.

Methods in the madness are not new for Belichick. He drives some sports nuts to the new high ground of cashewed coconuts.

As for us, we have grown accustomed to the franchise’s unorthodox approach to big games. Hell, we saw the benighted Houston Texans take a Patriot play—and botch it.

We loved seeing J.J. Watt and Vince Wilfork try to score on a goal-line rush. It didn’t work, but somewhere at Foxboro we knew the Great Hoodie was smiling.

Texan coach O’Brien might have tried putting Tom Brady behind Vince Wilfork for a touchdown, but he was hampered by the Hoyer the waterboy’s ineptitude. If you wanted to see a career go down the poop chute, you were on hand for Brian Hoyer’s swan song in the NFL.

Such shenanigans are impossible with the Patriots. The Great Hoodie is not some carbon copy, photocopy, Xerox version of football probability. If he chooses to go irreverent, insouciant, or iconoclastic, he knows this blog will approve.