Any Carport in a Storm for Danny Amendola

Any Carport in a Storm for Danny Amendola

Amendola Rear Ended

Those who do not learn from history may be in Bill Belichick’s doghouse.  That means you, Danny Amendola.

It appears that well-to-do football star receiver Amendola has chosen to live in a historical house in College Hill, one of those charming, close, ultra-colonial neighborhoods that used to be the purview of college professors.

Now, millionaire athletes live there—as renters. You can figure that Amendola knows his days in New England are like the sands in an hour glass—or snowflakes at Gillette Stadium.

Danny has built a temporary plastic and iron carport.  It’s not a garage, and its sleek lines and clear roof seem at loggerheads with the tight little community of historical houses. And, his neighbors have let him know it.

They hate the temporary carport.

Amendola had it installed because when snow hits, he may be delayed in reaching Gillette at 6am for the team meetings that Belichick likes to hold during blizzards.

Players in the past have been fined, castigated, rounded up and shipped out of Foxboro for having their cars stuck in a snow drift.

Now Danny could hire a plow and a dozen teenagers to dig out his car from any snow plow residue. He could likely find fans who would dig him out for free. However, none of this matters.

Like someone violating a condo bylaw, Amendola has dropped the ball in College Hill. His carport is on a slippery slope as far as historical integrity is concerned.

So far, the mild winter of New England has coincided with the mild offense of Tom Brady lately. Amendola’s folly is undone by a lack of snow in New England this winter.

Amendola plans to remove the offensive carport at season’s end when downy flake will melt away.