Houston Texan Photocopies of N.E. Patriots

DATELINE:  Sincere Form of Flattery

We hope the photocopy Patriots will play the real deal sometime in the AFC playoffs.

Yes, there is a pale horse in the race. The wild west lives with the Houston team, which is comprised of castoff Patriots.

The sense of cold victory over your sibling hangs in the balance.

Patriot fans remember well Mike Vrabel, the children’s book author and education specialist who was once Bill Belichick’s favorite defensive lineman.

Belichick loved to put Vrabel into the offense now and then for a shock treatment to the opponents. Now Vrabel coaches for Houston.

Vince Wilfork left New England for more money, but still loves all his friends in Foxboro. If big Vince falls on Tom Brady, they would have to shoot him because he would be suffering with irreparable flatness.

And, who can forget the man voted most likely to carry Tom’s jockstrap over to the waterbucket?  Yes, Brian (no hair transplants for me) Hoyer now is the stunning quarterback for the Texans after toiling for years as the second in the Tom Brady sweepstakes.

Most important of all is the man who rode in to save Penn State from Sandusky: Bill O’Brien left the Patriots to smack down the ugly rep of a college town. Now he is in Houston, but his work as Tom’s offensive coordinator included a famous moment when Teapot O’Brien (Tom’s nickname for his hothead former coach) yelled on camera at Brady for berating his sluggish O-Line.

For reasons such as these, we are sentimental fools when it comes to the Texans.

Alas, we fear the the Patriots South will have gone south by the time a matchup can be arranged.

Of course, the varsity squad is not exactly looking tall in the saddle nowadays. Who knows? Perhaps Houston will ride the range to the finals, and the Patriots will be tumbleweeds, cheering on their former stagecoach shotgun sidekicks.