The End is Already Past

2015 Calls It a Wrap in Boston


The Winter Classic is a hockey game played outdoors, no matter what the temperature. If this were Xmas eve, it would be 70 degrees in Boston. Alas, it was not a happy ending among the Beantown Bruins.

The notion of outdoor hockey is charming and takes players back to their days on frozen ponds. This year it’s at Gillette with the Bruins taking on the dreaded Canadiens.

We heard that P.K. Subban, their goalie, hoped to meet Tom Brady in the halls outside the locker rooms. Alas, the hockey game forced the Patriots to leave town early.

Of course, not before Bill Belichick actually donned ice skates to go out onto Gillette’s Field of ice and skate around gingerly with coach Claude Julien of the Bruins.

Belichick voiced admiration for Julien—which could be a kiss of death. He also had great respect for Chip Kelly—fired a day before. It’s easy to say when you have been elected coach for life, like at the Vatican or Supreme Court.

Brad Marchand, the problem child of the Bruins, won’t be at the game either—having been given a three-game suspension for being Peck’s Bad Boy and chopping the legs from under another player again this year. We always expected Marchand to become the next Rajon Rondo, but he remains with the Bruins.

Though many Patriots will fly into Miami for the final game of the regular season, many more than you might expect are in a limited mode—suffering debilitating injuries. They all need a bye week to heal for playoffs.

So, the ships passing in the night may be the more likely scenario for Sunday’s game in Miami where a Winter Classic looks like a sugar bowl.

We may yet see some elements of 2015 in 2016.  The NFL plans to revisit Deflate-gate in court sometime in March, and Aaron Hernandez will finally face his last curtain for a double murder.

Sayonara, 2015. We just missed you a tiny bit.