Titans Tetter Totter Against Patriots


Ball After Hicks Falls on It

If Brady suffered from some unknown malady, he used his wizardry to overcome it instantly. Brady made the Titans ill.

We saw more of Akiem Hicks than we ever expected in this game, as he teamed with Chandler Jones for the latest Abbot and Costello comedy. “Who’s on First” had nothing on their “Who’s on Mariota?”

Hicks needs a bigger jersey. He seemed to look like a giant puff ball with the goo oozing out from under his jersey. We love overflow, especially at Christmas. Hicks is our choice to play Santa at the Patriots party.

We would not want to be a football after Hicks falls on it. Talk about deflation.

The Patriots continue to turn every unknown Eliza Doolittle into big stars. We never thought of Belichick as Professor Henry Higgins, but he came bring all these discoveries to the Super Bowl and pass them off as superstars.

Lately we came to see Hicks, White, and Sheard, as the new law firm—replacing Lawyer Milloy and Ty Law of yore. Now you may want to add another impressive junior partner in Joey Iosefa who took on the bull in china shop role.

Yet, the game was lost in ways we have become used to: both Danny Amendola and Patrick Chung left with injuries.  If Belichick has any unknowns left in his arsenal, he needs to pull them out and have them ready for the despicable Jets next week.