Brady Refuses to Debate Politics

DATELINE: Botox Tom & Red Cap

(note Trump cap on top shelf)

Tom Brady was put on the spot again. It was hotter than having J.J. Watt draw a bead on him, or having Rex Ryan paint a bulls-eye on his rear end.

This time, on his weekly radio interview with D&C of EEI, TB12 had to address the “Make America Great Again,” controversy. It is especially personal since he keeps a red hat keepsake in his locker at Gillette.

The question again arose: does Tom support Donald?

The man with skin as smooth and wrinkle-free as a 20 year-old answered that his friend Donald Trump was “remarkable.” Brady expressed admiration for anyone who could have successful careers in business, television, and politics. Was there a taint of envy there? Tom already has great success in two of the three.

Instead of a full blown political endorsement, Tom threw the ball out of bounds, begging off. He wants no part of the Republican debate, no matter how much he supports his quondam friend from the golf circuit.

No one asks the happily married Patriot about Trump’s one-time matchmaking in which he tried to have his daughter tie the knot with Brady—before he was a Super Bowl winner.

That question likely would be intentionally grounded because Tom’s wife is nearly a billionaire in her own right.

Tom does admit that he supports all his friends—by whom he means Gronk, Jules, and that personal trainer under federal investigation. Maybe Donald will fix that once he’s elected.