Texan Two-Step to Avoid Third Defeat?

 DATELINE:  The End is Near!

At long last Tom Brady has deferred to our judgment.

Yes, in an interview this week, he said he did not dwell on scenarios for the playoffs—and left that sort of thing to the bloggers.

We have taken the easy way out by suggesting the Patriots will not make the playoffs this season. Like a bird with a broken wing, the Patsies face carnivores in the NFL who are ready to turn the ultimate predator into the juicy leavings of a good meal.

How nice of Tom to think of his blogging army at this time! He also thought the Patriots will have hands full just trying to stave off Texan Coach Bill O’Brien’s vengeance game. Tom’s former offensive coordinator and nemesis clashed on occasion when they worked together under Belichick a few short years ago.

O’Brien only shares a footnote with McDaniels as one of Tom Brady’s list of handlers. Where is Charlie Weis when you need him?

This is a new Brady, freshly pressed from his Botox treatments and directed by a rage you only see in movies like Death Wish.

Tom also expressed a hope that Gronk would return from injury “sooner than later.”  Ah, a man of understated hope and of realistic dreams, too. Yes, we think he wants Gronk back last week, if not sooner.

Without a half dozen of his coterie, Brady is limping along like those movie heroes who lose half their platoon during an impossible effort to recapture glory on a suicide mission.

Tom likely wishes he had his pal Donald Trump’s hubris—a galling confidence that makes him fly in the face of all odds. Tom is more realistic and has less money in the bank to mollify his sense of self-importance.

The eyes of Texas will be upon him—at least, the eyes of Texan pass rushers.