To Be or Not To Be a David Price Chopper?

DATELINE: It’s Only $$$$


Taking a day off from our Mad Dog Patriot Season, we turn our attention to the Mad Dog Red Sox Off-Season.

After enduring the Puritanical Ben Cherington who orchestrated the witch trials that rid the Sox of the billion-dollar chicken nugget bucket brigade, Cherington settled into the dourest administration since Cal Coolidge ran Massachusetts.

We aren’t sure that the profligate Dumbo is a better fit, but it isn’t our money he’s throwing away like a sailor on holiday in Shanghai just before the Boxer Rebellion.

Dave Dombrowski is playing to the rafters. His version of Hamlet in the front office has taken on the name of action and bared his bodkin to the American League who are all running to a nunnery.

When you pay the Price, you know it has to be hefty. But, in Boston the price is right when you promise to take Red Sox Nation to the Promised Land. Churly Cherington led the team’s nation through the desert of last place for three out of four years.

He never could find manna from King John Henry VIII and finally went to the tower before losing his head entirely.

Like Cromwell, Dombo is a man of the people—he knows that a pricey pitcher is worth a two hundred million words on the shopping block.

For a time Dombrowski will have the ear of the King in the owners’ box, but there had better be an heir to the World Series, or we may have more carnage on Yawkey Way than the last act of a Shakespearean play.