Aftermath of a Disaster: New England’s Loss in Perspective


DATELINE: High Hopes Remain

Belichick Back at Drawing Board, Creating New Monsters


“Our fingers are crossed,” said Tom Brady of Gronk’s game-ending injury. It may not be the darkest day of the season, but it is close to it.

With the leg buckling out from under him, and writhing in pain, Gronk looked more like a Greek god falling off Mt. Olympus than ever before.

The ever-ominous MRI is scheduled for Monday to tell fans with bated breath whether they can schedule a ski trip on Super Bowl weekend in February.

As Rodney Harrison stated a week ago, losing a game will remove all stress and strain on the players and coaches. Alas, losing Gronk should not have been part of the equation. E=MCgronk.

Home field during the playoffs may still be possible, and the Patriots cannot be knocked out of playoff contention unless they lose everything henceforth. Everything is the sum total of one quarterback.

He’s the only one left standing. As Brady’s wife once said, “He can’t throw and catch the ball too.”  She is as astute as Caesar’s wife when she told him not to go pick up the Super Bowl trophy at the Roman Senate.

If there is no Super Bowl in the Patriots future, then Tom has only to look forward to another round of Deflate-gate hearings and trial with the NFL and Roger Goodell looking to break both his legs.

In Belichick you better trust. The Hooded Wizard of Foxboro must throw an eye of ‘camnewt’ into the boiling cauldron and come up with some Luck-style receivers.