Denver Forecast: Dire with a Chance of Snow


DATELINE: Snowball’s chance of winning



                         Tom Brady and Babe McDaniels

Plan for a snow bowl in Denver, which means muckluks and no lucks.

With one of the all-time snow QBs in history going for the Patriots, the odds may just slip-slide in favor of the Patriots. Tom Brady is no snow bunny. He loves to play in the cold—and can melt a team’s morale faster than a snowman in July.

Dozens of so-called experts have picked the Patriots to lose, and with another key player out of the game (Patrick Chung), the New England team is looking like a cramped swimmer going under the ice floe. Will Claude Julien give Bill Belichick a few Bruins to play the game?

The Alamo did not end well for its defenders. If you were last man standing, you probably once sat next to Tom Brady during timeouts.

The alleged last man standing at the Alamo was the brave Davy Crockett, fighting with fists and gun butts at the end.

Is this the fate of Tom Brady? Is the holiday goose of the Patriots now about to be fricasseed? Are no two snowflakes alike? Have Patriot hopes been over-inflated? Do we remember the Alamo?

Good heavens, have we bought into the media hype?

With his arsenal depleted and no ammo in his gun, Brady may be looking to see if his magic will allow him to create a star out of the dusty leavings of a practice squad.

Tom Brady loves Babe McDaniels who met his Waterloo in Denver. Is revenge sweeter when your offensive guru used to coach the Broncos?