Tom Brady’s Musical Chair Go Round

DATELINE: Seats of Honor


The seat next to Tom on the players’ bench will be empty for now.

Receivers on the New England Patriots seem to scramble when defense plays, to take a seat next to Tom waiting for another turn to toss a touchdown.

The seat tolls for you, slot receiver.

An early candidate for death row was Aaron Hernandez who always jockeyed to sit next to Tom on the bench—until his seat in a murder trial or two became more compelling.

Then, there was Wes Welker—no one could take his place. Well, not quite.

But, then came Julian Edelman who for a few years was the main man next to Tom. For a few weeks, Danny Amendola sat beside Tom in the shotgun ride, as the main sidekick.

You never see Gronk sitting next to Tom. He is too smart for that distinction, nor any backup quarterback with a death wish. Those who sit next to Tom are doomed to repeat history of IR or worse.

Tom Brady needs to make a couple more untested Patriot receivers into superstars instantly to round out his undefeated record. Just add water and Brady—and voila, you have another Patriot star receiver ready to put his can in the Seat of Honor, and face the can of no-can-do.

A consensus is growing that the Patriots are beatable because they have no players of merit left. Like a bad musical chairs game, the seats next to Brady on the bench are at a premium. They are also now looking like a throne of bad luck. Sit next to Tom and find the poop chute open.

No one wants to sit next to Tom. It used to be that no one wanted to give him a high five. Now, the danger has spread. It isn’t MRSA or bubonic plague that seems to kill off receivers who become Tom Brady’s main target.

Those who have been lucky enough to sit next to Tom on national TV during games have been eliminated one by one.

If we had a musical score to go with the elimination round, it would be “Pop Goes the Weasel.’  That’s how quickly Tom’s cherished heated seat on the bench is killing off players.