NEXT! The Patriots Speed Up the Line

In case you’re wondering what the NFL is doing this week to conspire against the New England Patriots, we can tell you they have given the opponents four extra days of rest.

It’s not enough.

T-Rex has been acting like Godzilla for weeks now, but there are no Potemkin villages for him to plunder outside of Foxboro.

T-Rex Ryan and his band of merry men have been off since a Thursday night game. And, they will have until the next Monday Night game to prepare their A-list game. Now that’s what the NFL calls a level playing field.

Ryan’s days as Friar Tuck, the fat prelate trying to knock Robin Hoodie off the log, ended with gastric surgery. After the Hoodie knocks him into the Charles River, T-Rex will wish he had a few extra pounds for buoyancy.

Bill Belichick is ringing the triangle now to muster his troops. The Bills are likely to find themselves lost in the Gillette Triangle once the game starts. There is nothing more foreboding than a team that is 9-0 and playing in their favorite haunt.

Gillette is the Sargasso Sea for all blowhards, footmen, and Moby coaches.

T-Rex likely has been collecting rabbits’ feet in an effort to rub his frog legs together. In the mean time in between time, ain’t we got fun? The Patriots are building a barrel for the Bills coach to use when he goes over Niagara Falls before his own fall from grace.

T-Rex will huff and puff this week, but we doubt he can blow down Tom Brady’s Brookline mansion. And, three little piggies (Gostkowski, Edelman and Amendola) want to bring home the bacon. Nine is never enough.