A Couple of Michigan Boys or Kissin’ Cousins

DATELINE: New England v. Washington

 Featured image Elvis & Redskins Fan

On Sunday New England’s Tom Brady will go up against one of his Kissin’ Cousins.

Yep, you may have already guessed that Tom went to Michigan University—and Kirk went to Michigan State. And never the twain shall meet, but they are about as close as the proverbial cousins of the notorious kiss-my-grits.

Kissin’ Kirk Cousins is a decade younger than Tom. But, your college team may not necessarily be an indicator of your Wonderlic or your potential for the Hall of Fame.

Kirk said this week that Tom is a great quarterback to be admired. He spread on the compliments with all the charm of Elvis in a 1964 movie.

You probably missed the musical that lost out to My Fair Lady as Best Picture. Elvis played a fan duel role in Kissin’ Cousins. He was a blond Southern boy—and Elvis, in darker shoe polish colored hair, played a stiffly starched military automaton. It sounds like Kirk and Tom.

The plot had something to do with military Elvis planting missiles for the US Army in country boy Elvis’ backyard. It may be the Belichick plot for the game between Washington and New England. With the present gridlock in Washington, Tom may have his way with the ways and means group on the gridiron.

In the movie the blond Elvis had a protective line of women called the Kittyhawks—who were man-crazy enough to tackle the military Elvis.

We doubt this will happen Sunday to Tom Brady, though many have tried to tackle him. We presume the Redskins are not the Kittyhawks.

Elvis scored a big hit on 45 back in ‘64, and we expect Tom will score 45 on Kirk Cousins who may start singing the Kissin’ Cousins song, “It Hurts Me,” after the game.