Last Ones Standing and Four Undefeated NFL Teams

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We certainly never expected Green Bay’s Aaron Rogers to lose his perfection to an old worn-out QB like Peyton Manning of the sway-backed Broncos.

The problem with parity in the NFL is that it means any third-rate team can be perfect, or perfectly dreadful, and be undefeated.

Each week we expect another to fall by the wayside, but it isn’t quite happening. Worse teams are giving perfect teams like Carolina a run for the victory. More teams face the sudden death of overtime—but the perfect teams can pull the win out of the grab-bag in the final minutes of regulation or in the overblown time of OT.

We are staring down the gun barrels of Cincinnati, Denver, New England, and Carolina. Nearly everyone attributes the records of these teams to their Nietzchean supermen—Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, Peyton Manning, and Tom Brady.

Kryptonite is in short supply apparently among the losers of the NFL. Only a head to head match with another pauper looking like a prince can bump off one of the pretenders to perfection.

Two of these QBs look like refugees from Mayberry, RFD, and the other two look like aging Abercrombie & Fitch models.

The media experts probably could not identify who belongs to what category. Yet, they keep their jobs.

If hubris is Kryptonite, then we expect Dalton and Newton to bite the dust this week, but the laws of physics seem to be under the apple tree with Cam Newton.

If H.G. Wells is correct, then either Brady or Manning will run to the laboratory only to discover they are fresh out of the elixir from the Fountain of Youth.

But this is the NFL where the referees drive Deloreans and can set the time clock back enough to change the future.

We say, “Beware the Ides of November,” not yet foretold by prognosticators DuelFans and BoyKings, or whatever those silly bettors call themselves.