Whatever Happened to Robert Griffin III





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When the NFL decided to rid itself of Roman numerals, RG3 was in trouble. His shortened nickname probably meant he would not be relevant until the final Star Wars movie (is it 7 or VII ?) would be released with the aging, old cast of Harrison Ford and Mark Hamil and Carrie Fisher. Is it coming before Super Bowl L?

The other name problem in Washington has been the team itself, immersed in controversy over its demeaning name, putatively insulting to Native Americans. Well, as we often note, the nation’s capital is no stranger to controversy—and racist controversy at that. The city is below the Mason Dixon line.

This is the city where Abe Lincoln met his Southern nemesis, John Wilkes Booth.

Which brings us full circle to the hotshot star of the future—way back in 2012, the NFL touted Robert Griffin III as its darling. Of course, the NFL has tried to ram its fabricated stars down the public throat for some time.  And, it has tried to destroy stars it does not approve for children (like Tom Brady).

Alas for the NFL, RGIII has gone the way of Super Bowl L.

No letters or numbers in a foreign tongue unless you play in London.

The NFL has tried to forget they built RG111 into the Second Coming of Michael Vick (well, that dog in the manger has been rechristened Mike Vick lately).

RG of DC may need to find a new name with a team with a new name before he can play again. Rumors persist that he is undergoing a change in the tradition of My Fair Lady. Wagering NFL professors want to transform him into a safety—and he works out nowadays with the DC scrubs in waiting.

We will not see RG3 or III with the Washington (blanks) in Super Bowl L this year.