Omens & Augurs Beset This Year’s World Series

DATELINE: Following the Dilythium Crystals

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Movies have a fairly putrid record of predicting the future.

We can harken back to 2001 when that so-called Space Odyssey told us that we’d have a viable base on the Moon and be a step closer to finding giant monoliths in outer space.

This week, fifteen years after the movie’s prediction, we have scientists finding a giant monolith or structure 75 light years from Earth that appears to have been built by an alien culture. Heaven knows that earthlings in Congress would never have appropriated money for such a project.

We shall not count the hundreds of sci-fi films that have hinted that we would be colonizing Mars by now, despite what Matt Damon tells us.

We were taken aback this week when it came to our attention that one movie, which we never truly felt was science fiction, had made the stunning pronouncement years ago that the Chicago Cubs would win the World Series in 2015.

How could we forget that the movie franchise Back to the Future offered us a Delorean automobile, remastered by a quacky teacher, into the projectile of choice to reach the future?

We always thought of that film as a time warp adolescent TV show. Now it appears more sentient than anything Stanley Kubrick did. Put your pants on, Spartacus. Ancient Aliens will devote a show to this in the future.

The Chicago Cubs have landed their Delorean franchise in the middle of a playoff round. This unheard of activity may be a portend of the future gone awry. This may even be an omen that a Back to Future IV is in the works.

Christopher Lloyd, an amazing character actor and star of the Back to the Future film, believes he should be given the honor of tossing out the first ball at any Cubs World Series. The notion is out of this world, unless Lloyd will do it in full costume with Roger Rabbit as his backup.