The $350,000 Question: Can FanKings and DraftDuels Lose?

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If you think FanDuel and DraftKings have more in common than a missing space between their titles, you may be on to something. Is the operation rigged?

It appears that the $64,000 question has arisen from the dead game shows of the past.

Can it be the two sports game sites are fixed? That there is insider trading of information has become an issue when a rival employee used his insider stats to win $350,000.  That dwarfs the old TV game show scandal by nearly seven times, if our fixed math education does not fail us. Obscene winning does not compute.

We have been overwhelmed by the series of manic commercials permeating sporting events by the two dueling kings of gambling online. We have been disturbed by the idea that a generation of young men, with no discernible and employable skills, now will start to make a living as gamblers in the world of chance. Talk about strip poker!

Holy rollers, how high can the winnings go? One man-in-street claims in a commercial that he spent $35 and won $2million. It’s enough to make you quit your day job and put the life savings of $50 into this week’s NFL picks. Hey, our guess is good as a win.

When your economy is based on sports, the next step is to share the wealth with gambling sites apparently. Move over, Pete Rose.

If you cannot be a millionaire athlete, overpaid and wallowing in celebrity, you may as well be a swine wallowing in the dirty games of fixed gaming online.

When we hear that pro athletes are members of KingDraft and DuelFans, we will know the entire house of cards of online gambling and sports is about to burst the Wall Street bubble.