Penalties Equal Penile Time for Bills

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With his Buffalo Bills committing more personal fouls than you see at an NFL executive meeting, T-Rex Ryan defended his wild bunch as a group of energized bunnies.

Yes, the acorn does not fall far from the T-Rex. Bombastic Ryan has dropped more media bombs than his team has committed fouls.

Ryan’s players take after him. They play emotionally. Unfortunately for them, emotional disturbances usually require strait jackets, hydrotherapy, or a lockdown. We haven’t seen the men in the white coats visiting the Bills—yet. It may be the fans who are carted off first.

You can count on Rex to blame the media for his latest fatal flaw.

Ryan doesn’t feel it’s his job to rope in his out of control players, and he thinks the media is pointing out that his players are undisciplined.

On the contrary, most media have pointed out that Rex wears no clothes—an unsettling idea at best.

Since his team lost another game owing to hundreds of yards in penalties, you wonder how that strategy translates into a Super Bowl visit. If we remember correctly, the Three Magi did not bring penalizer to the manger. And, Rex is the penultimate dog in the manger.

Playing with emotion may be the biggest penalizer in the league. Somehow this word has been misapplied by the team to its own size and grit.

Of course, in Ryan’s world, you are on shaky footing unless you play with gay abandon. Then, again, that raises an entirely other political issue.