Ortiz 502, Brady 401

DATELINE: Record Winners

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We haven’t made enough of the record setters this month.

First, David Ortiz passed 500 home runs in his career. It is unexpected since everyone urged him to retire when he had about 400 round-trippers. Ortiz never listened to his critics.

On the same level playing field, Tom Brady was urged at the start of last year to call it a game. He came back with a vengeance—and is now on a Revenge of the Deflategate tour.

Neither man listened to the wizened, but unwise media and radio blabbers. Thank heavens. Brady’s freight train of bombs pushed him past 400 touchdowns this week.

So, today Tom Brady has surpassed a mark that Roger Goodell never expected to occur in the first four games of this season. Brady was supposed to be on the shelf, prevented from having a moment of glory in a sport Goodell himself never could play.

Brady and Ortiz have graced the Boston skyline longer than some of the new scrapers along the Charles.

If you’re around long enough, you will tend to break a few records and a few hearts. If you are a lucky superstar, you keep them in proportion to your fanbase.

Like Tom, Big Papi has also been run down in a scandal of PED use. All those around him lost their heads and hearts to enhanced statistics. Oh, they’ve accused Ortiz of dubious behavior, much like Tom Brady.

However, you cannot deny the overwhelming evidence of decades of high level performance.

Something else is at work. It’s called talent beyond that of mortal men.

So, this week in Boston sports we shout out our Pope Francis ‘hosannah on high’ (usually reserved for messiahs)  to Tom Brady and David Ortiz for giving us hundreds of breathtaking moments in the 21st century.