Trump Wins a Big Endorsement

DATELINE: Birds of a Feather

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To no one’s surprise, the man with a Trump cap with the logo “Make America Great Again” in his locker has thrown his support behind presidential candidate Donald Trump. “It would be great,” said one icon about another becoming America’s next president.

Tom Brady was directly asked if he supported The Donald—one of his better golf buddies, and Brady’s answer was unequivocal. There was no suspense when it came to Tom’s loyalty.

Brady is of the mind that Trump will put a putting green on the White House lawn if he wins the election as president.

With a major debate of all Republican candidates pending on this evening, Trump will have to throw more touchdowns than Brady managed on Sunday in order to neutralize his opponents.

Brady probably feels some sympathy for the man who gave his total support during the lingering effects of the Deflategate court case this summer. As of now, Trump is about as beleaguered as a man with the media on his back, disrespect emanating from a large segment of the political spectrum, and a self-made man mantra.

Trump and Brady share many characteristics, which is probably why Trump wanted the QB to wine, dine, and marry his daughter a decade ago.

Brady continued his “aw, shucks,” demeanor by simply gushing about the memorabilia that Trump had sent him. It was something of a keepsake no matter how the political winds blow.

Brady may also be keeping an eye on Trump’s gameplan—and it may become the blueprint for Tom’s own run in the political arena sometime down the road.