Déjà vu All Over Again for Alain Delon

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That apple has not fallen far from the tree.

We loved Alain Delon in Purple Noon. Now we have the surprising treat of going back in a time machine and watching Delon start his career all over again.

Yes, it is possible when the aging Lothario of legend has a son who is now twenty-one years of age—and beginning his movie career. Alain-Fabien Delon is a Doppleganger of his father. And, curiously enough, that is the name of a short film that has stars in for director Julien Landais.

The film has all the pretentions needed to launch a male Helen of Troy.

With its baroque music and set in a hall with gilded ceilings, the younger Delon seems as home as his father amid great beauty in objets d’art.

Director Landais seems to be evoking any number of past French films from the glory days of cinema. This little two-minute drill seems to resemble Last Year at Marienbad with its hero traipsing the halls of grandeur.

Of course, the success of the short is completely dependent on the utter fascination with seeing Alain Delon again, youthful and stunning. You cannot see enough of the newcomer, and the director keeps him in tantalizing quick closeups that whet your recognition of the father.

The younger Delon speaks English, which took his father a while longer to make his American film debut. The son will take a step or two up on his father’s career by starting in English at the top of the game.

He has appeared in several supporting roles in the past few years, but Mr. DeMille can tell you he is ready for his big closeup.

Keep your eyes on Alain-Fabien Delon.