Game One—What? There’s a Game?


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You might forget there was an opening NFL season game today because the cacophony of noise has been overwhelming this week. We can’t hear ourselves think, let alone predict who will win.

We cannot imagine how Bill Belichick keeps his team focused on the game, avoiding all these distractions.

If we saw a report somewhere during the week, it mentioned the Patriots were playing the Pittsburgh Steelers. They are presumably a contender, though it matters not. If you believe ESPN, the Patriots will win every game this season by means of cheating.

There is nothing quite like tainting a team’s effort before they win.

On top of that, ceremonies to celebrate last season’s Super Bowl victory are scheduled as pregame events.  However, the Commissioner will not be present to acknowledge this. For Goodell, this is a lost season for the Patriots. He won’t even admit their quarterback is playing, let alone contending.

Yes, the NFL put out a tweet this week picturing all the contending 2015 SB QBs—including unlikely Carson Palmer. Conspicuously absent was Tom Brady.

When did the din of hate reach such a crescendo?  The NFL pulled their tweet without comment. It never happened. NO apologies required.

As for the first game of the season, it is a Thursday night game—thereby losing some publicity and recognition in the waning days of summer. Then, of course, we are scheduled to have monsoons concurrent with the game.

You can understand why most people don’t realize the real season of 2015 begins tonight.