Tom Brady Swinging on a Deflategate

It’s finally here!  If you have followed the Deflategate coverage with Ossurworld, you now can read all the uncut snippets about Goodell, Brady, and the NFL scandal, done in the style only found in one place. From January to September 2015, the reports were nearly daily dollops of daffy dizziness.

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Now available on Amazon, paperback version to follow!


n. meaning idiocy, useless trivia, legal mumbo-jumbo, attempting to let air out of a windbag, NFL justice.

v. to hang in effigy, to lynch, to make a mountain out of a molehill.

Now you can follow the daily madness from January to September of 2015 when the NFL tried to create a scandal out of pounds per square inch–and came up with hot air.

“If you like your satire tart, this account of Deflategate will pressurize your expectations.”