Fitting and Proper To Die for the Commissioner?

Featured imageGoodell Receives Bad News

DATELINE: Horse Manure Spread Thick

He who laughs last, etc.

Tom Brady could be said to have a smirk, or is that a sneer?

It depends on how he perceives Roger Goodell, who now takes on the role of the biggest loser since fat people went on television as a diet incentive.

No one would blame Brady from beaming ear to ear. His smile should be as broad as the cut on Goodell’s throat—from ear to ear.

Yes, Judge Berman pretty much let the Commissioner become his own horse’s head. The Godfather of Football has awakened to find his prize stallion a moist parcel under the silk sheets.

There’s no telling how those bitter owners will take the humiliation. Apparently in America, money can’t buy a judge you try to handpick to hear your case.

Billionaires have been given a severe setback. Millionaire players have shown that they are still the “average Joe,” when it comes to beating the system.

Tom Brady has won many a game in the fourth quarter, but no victory can be as sweet as defrocking the man who pretended he was the anti-Pope.

Goodell the First and Last may be the new yardstick for a horse’s rear end. We could argue that the horse’s head in his bed with him puts both pieces of the horse together again.

Some cynics want Goodell to appeal the case and file for an injunction to punish Brady—but that would look worse than sour grapes. It would be shooting the horse in the head when he has thrown a shoe and pulled a muscle.

In this case the Charley horse is between Goodell’s ears.