Another Court Date for Tom & Roger, Artists Beware


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The principal has called the principals to his office one more time.

Since no side has any shame, they will be there in their best duds. The attorneys are making enough money to cover their giggles in straight-arrow dedication and blue serge suits.

In a sport where clear winners usually emerge weekly, and then are celebrated at season’s end, you have the unusual situation where the judge has asked them to kiss their sibling and settle for a tie.

A handshake would spread a fearful set of germs. A buss on the cheek is considered worse than holding the doorknob of a public restroom.

Cock-eyed optimists point out that Goodell the Czar has unlimited powers and courts are not about to challenge him. Therefore, the NFL is the clear winner in the short haul.

Straight-shooters point out that Brady the Prince Valiant of players has the power to humiliate the game. Therefore, the NFL is a clear loser in the long haul.

At the start of the weekend, Donald Trump again weighed in and called Tom Brady a good man.  So many politicos and fanboys forget that a decade ago the Donald tried to play matchmaker for his daughter Ivanka—and Tom was the choice of the father of the bride.

We suspect that Tom would not be facing these troubles if he were a member of the Billionaire’s Club. As it is, his wife Giselle is worth only half a billion.

We know only one fact will emerge on Monday. There will be a more flattering artist’s rendering of Tom sitting in court.